Our business

The KIESER WERNER & Co. EG nursery was established on 13.01.2004.
Our business is situated close the Po plain. This is where we find perfect soils and excellent climatic conditions for producing saplings. Furthermore the nursery is in a fruit-cultivation free zone.
We use the very latest methods to grow our saplings, so that we can supply a first-class product.

As the three of us are also private fruit growers and run other activities in the fruit trade, we know exactly which criteria first-class plants must fulfil.

Our main criteria for the growing of our saplings are:
  • good rooting
  • a straight rootstock and a straight tree
  • flat, strong, well-distributed basal branches and a pyramid-shaped structure for the sapling
  • the right diameter for the trunk and a tall fruit tree with good wood maturity

It should be mentioned at this point that we are partners of FENO GmbH and have access to all varieties and/or their clones and mutations. In some cases certified material is bought in from various institutions abroad via Feno GmbH.

  • Office Egna
  • Via fiemme 5/1
  • 39044 Egna (BZ)
  • Tel. & Fax 0471 813713
  • Werner Kieser
  • Tel. +39 (0) 335 683 92 39
Baumschule / Vivaio
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